Availability of Rooms
Rooms in the Meeting House are available for use by voluntary and other organisations (not normally on Sundays). The rooms are:
Large Hall
A square room, seating 80, with high windows equipped with blackout blinds, and both direct and indirect lighting from pendants. The partition between this and the Small Hall can be removed.
The Large Hall has an audio induction loop for the hard of hearing.
Small Hall
Seating 40, with a hatch to the kitchen and a french window to the garden (which serves as a wheelchair entrance). This room is also tall and light.
The kitchen is equipped with about 60 cups and saucers, an urn (30 cup capacity), a gas cooker and other items which can be used after consultation with the Bookings Clerk. Our environmentally friendly fridge does not have an icebox.
Seats 12 when used as a meeting room.
Quiet Room
Formerly known as the Reading Room, and subsequently the Information Centre, this room seats 10 and is an ideal room for small meetings, such as committees. It is not wheelchair accessible.
Wi-Fi is available throughout the building
Rooms are let by the session: Morning 9.00-1.00; Afternoon 2.00-6.00; Evening 7.00-10.00. Charges for 2018 are:
Large Hall48.00
Small Hall32.00
Quiet Room20.00

Further details and booking forms are available from here or use our online booking enquiry form.

Page updated: 29 Dec 2017

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